Metoyer Brothers/Bubbá's Juke Joint

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Metoyer Brothers juke joint, more commonly known as Bubbá's, is owned and operated by Raymond and Alphonse "Bubbá" Metoyer. Established in 1942, Bubbá's is the only surviving juke joint or "hall" on Cane River still owned and operated by Cane River Creoles.

It was fast women and slow horses got me in the shape I'm in today.


Like other halls on Cane River, Bubbá's was the site of Negro league baseball games and brush track horse races. These events, especially the horse races, were "wide open" - all ethnic groups participated together at a time when segregation was the norm. Horse races and ball games were held on Sunday afternoons, and there was a scramble for the door as soon as the priest said the last "Amen." Bets ranged from a few cents to several thousand dollars, and card games and rolling dice were common, as well.

Raymond Metoyer, who passed away in September, 2000, was an extraordinary storyteller. For examples of his stories and more about Bubbá's, visit Junior Doughty's website. Help keep the Bluesmobile rolling.

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