Online Tour of Places of Importance to the African American Community in Natchitoches

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Site 1-Cane River Baptisms

Site 2-Uncle Jack Statue

Site 3-Horn Street Business District ["ApeYard"]

Site 4-South Ape Yard

Site 5-Don Theater

Site 6-Freedmen's Bureau

Site 7-Freedmen's Bureau School

Site 8-First Baptist Church, Second Street/Raiford Blount [also, Rayford Blunt]

Site 9-American Cemetery-John Gideon Lewis

Site 10-Demery's Club/Contemporary Gentlemen's Club Twenty-One

Site 11-Dawn of Light Masonic Lodge

Site 12-St. Anthony Catholic Church

Site 13-Dr. E. A. Johnson and Mrs. Crittie Johnson, Home and Office Article

Site 14-Asbury Methodist Church

Site 15-Morgan Hotel, aka Brown Bomber Hotel

Site 16-Sam Williams' Blacksmith Shop

Site 17-Texas and Pacific Train Depot

Site 18-Recreation Center/City Swimming Pool

Site 19-Dr. E. A. and Crittie Johnson Home

Site 20-Manuel's Nightclub

Site 21-Mama Fannie's Boarding House

Site 22-Lincoln Institute, Natchitoches Parish Training School/Central High School, Self-Help Shopping Center, Ben Johnson Auditorium

Site 23-North Street Boxing Club

Site 24-Ben Johnson Casket Company

Site 25-Winnfield Insurance Company

Site 26-First Baptist Church, North

Site 27-Winnfield Funeral Home

Site 28-First Baptist Church, Amulet

Site 29-Jackson Square Cemetery

Site 30-Catanese Grocery

Site 31-Martin Luther King Memorial Article

Site 32-North Natchitoches Elementary

Site 33-Central High School

Site 34-Burton's Place

Breda Town



Jackson Square

Black-owned Businesses

Ben Johnson

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