Reconnecting the Present to the Past:
The Caddo People Return to the
Lower Red River Valley

Caddo Connections to the Lower Mississippi Valley

In October 2006, the Louisiana Regional Folklife Program and Williamson Museum, in consultation with the Caddo Nation Cultural Preservation Office, received funding from the Lower Mississippi Delta Region Initiative of the National Park Service to accompany the Caddo Repatriation Committee to visit Caddo and associated mound sites in the lower Red River valley and lower Mississippi River valley. Repatriation Committee members were able to document and compare mounds, occupation areas, and traditional cultural properties associated with the Caddo and their allies and neighbors.

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Coming to these places and bringing our folks down here, it makes me happy to know that they're hapy, to know that…they're reconnecting.

—Bobby Gonzalez

Swan Lake, Bossier Parish: Caddo, ca. 1100-1500 A.D., burial mound within an extended dispersed community.

Lock & Dam #4, Red River Parish: Protected area set aside by Corps of Engineers and Red River Waterways Commission overlooking Red River, to be used by Caddo Nation for re-interring Caddo people and their associated funerary objects from nearby locations.

Marksville State Historic Site, Avoyelles Parish: Marksville period, Woodland culture, at least 6 mounds surrounded by a semi-circular embankment, ca. 200 B.C. to 400 A.D.

We've got to keep that image and those conections in the minds of all the children, so they know about these places.

—Robert Cast

Greenhouse, Avoyelles Parish: Troyville period, Woodland culture, 7 mounds surrounding a large plaza, ca. 400-1000 A.D.

Troyville, Catahoula Parish, Troyville period, Woodland culture, 9-13 mounds enclosed by an earth embankment, ca. 500-900 A.D.

Grand Village of the Natchez, Adams Co., Mississippi: main ceremonial center of the Natchez Indians, Caddo allies, ca. 1682-1729.

Emerald Mound, Adams Co., Mississippi: one of the largest mounds in America, Mississippian culture, ca. 1250-1600 A.D. Its builders were ancestors of the Natchez Indians.

It gave me a sad feeling to think about all the people who were there. Our feelings are really close.

—Madeline Hamilton

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